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Our Vision

Imagination Station is a non-profit, inclusive, member-run museum providing interactive exhibits, programming, and resources for the community. It opened August 16th, 2014. Members pay an annual fee and have free or reduced-cost access to services while non-members generally pay a fee.  Membership requires participation. Members began electing the governing board of directors back in 2015. Sponsored membership is provided by individuals and organizations for families with limited means. Sponsored members have the same participation requirements.  Volunteers are also welcome and may contribute in many ways.  Our bylaws explain it all and are available online.


Permanent and rotating interactive exhibits are available to children. Exhibits encourage parent-child interaction and written and graphic guidance is provided. Children’s literature will be integrated with exhibits to enable literacy development. Information will also be provided on which developmental domains (cognitive, physical, social, and emotional) and milestones each exhibit relates to.


Programming for parents encourages evidence-based practices. Since we see this as a service to the community these programs are free for all. Programming for children involves all developmental domains of children aged 0 - 6 and often is integrated with exhibits. 


We would like to eventually have a swap store that will provides parents a free or cheap way to get the supplies they need: books for parents and children, toys, lactation equipment, children’s clothing, and perhaps maternity clothing. We will not have room for a store in our “starter home” in Hickman Park. While there, we plan to host regular swap events instead.


An extra effort is being made to tap into the art and health science communities and the existing public resources of Augusta. The museum also aspires to incorporate diversity and operate in an environmentally sustainable way.


We are a non-profit corporation registered with the state of Georgia and a federally recognized 501c3.


Expansion?  We’ll see.  The sky is the limit.


This vision was created by the Imagination Station Steering Committee that has now been replaced by a Board of Directors.

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