How Does Membership Work?

Imagination Station Children's Museum of Augusta runs on a cooperative or co-op model. A co-op is a member-owned, member-run organization that operates for the benefit of its members. Imagination Station is completely member-run and we rely on volunteers to host programs and become involved in outreach opportunities. 

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited access to the museum for member families during normal operating hours

  • Free access to programming (Does not include supply costs)

  • Museum rentals - Outside of regular operating hours, 3 hours for $35; you must be an active member and complete orientation one month before your event

  • Free coffee and use of the museum refrigerator

  • Maternity Leave of 3 months if needed

  • Free or discounted events hosted by Imagination Station

Membership Responsibilities

  • Working a full 2-hour 30 minute shift, or two 1-hour fifteen minute half shifts.  Generally, two members work each shift.  Responsibilities include collecting visitor fees and monitoring exhibits. Children may accompany the member working the shift. Members sometimes split shifts because of infant needs, alternate shifts with spouses, and take maternity leave. Tier 1 volunteers must staff every month, and Tier 2 volunteers staff every other month. Friends Level members have no staffing obligations. 


  • Leading or co-leading a program - Programming is important and leading a program is an excellent way to participate.  Members can team together and can be accompanied by their children.


  • As-Needed Tasks - There are other ways to participate. Create an activity for the art studio. Clean or organize. If you have an idea just tell us about it. Or just ask.

A single membership applies to a whole family, including grandparents, grandchildren and greats for one year.  Membership is available in two tiers. The tiers have different prices and participation requirements.  We are trying to build in flexibility to accommodate variance in schedules, means, and talents. 

Sponsored Membership


We want everyone to visit and play at Imagination Station. There are a limited number of sponsored memberships available for families in special circumstances. The cost of these memberships has been covered by donors. Sponsored memberships must be approved by a vote of the Board.

Sponsored members enjoy all the benefits but also assume the responsibilities of Tier 1 members.

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