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Who We Are


Imagination Station Children’s Museum is a 501c(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing low-cost, high-impact play and programming for children from birth through elementary school. 


Imagination Station’s vision is to provide children with opportunities to learn, socialize, and play and to provide parents with opportunities to network, share, relax, and attend educational programs. Imagination Station also strives to create long-term, meaningful connections with the community. These goals will be achieved through interactive exhibits, scheduled child and/or parent programming, and shared parenting resources. Specifically, Imagination Station's vision is to become a destination for high quality family interaction that:

  • encourages parents to play interactively with their children

  • encourages participation in this community resource (i.e., Imagination Station) by every member

  • recognizes and supports diversity in our community

  • promotes ethical and socially responsible children 

  • partners with other programs in the community that hold the value of family play and education

  • advances knowledge about children by sharing evidence-based information on parenting and children's development

  • offers self guided and social opportunities to be creative, foster writing and reading skills, imaginative play, and gross and fine motor skills


In regard to service to our community, Imagination Station will

  • host at least one free family event per year open to the community

  • provide at least one, but as many as possible, sponsored memberships per year to families with limited resources.

  • partner with at least one, but as many as possible, organization(s) per year that support families and children in need (e.g., Hope House, Safe Homes, Head Start).

Board Member Responsibilities 


Candidates who have been recommended as prospective members of Imagination Station’s Board of Directors should be comfortable with, and be able to do the following:

  • Serve as an ambassador for the organization and inform others of the mission and volunteer opportunities available through Imagination Station Children’s Museum

  • Participate in remote Board member discussions via GroupMe and provide your own unique thoughts and ideas. 

  • Participate in the planning and execution of community events

  • Help promote the organization by sharing social media posts promoting memberships and fundraisers. 

  • Participate in community events on behalf of Imagination Station such as Kid Jam, Arts in the Heart and other local community events. 

  • Attend Board Meetings in the odd months of the year (6 total) and special planning meetings as needed. Board meetings are the third Thursday of odd months.

  • Volunteer to staff OR host a program each month as needed. 

Board members pay no membership dues while serving on the Board. Your children are welcome at all activities. Elections are held at our Board meeting in May. Terms begin August 1 with the Summer acting as a training period. 

Board of Directors Application
Areas of Interest

Thank you for your interest! We will be in touch after May 8th. 

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