We are grateful to those who have helped us start and maintain the museum.  Please use the links if you wish to support us with a donation, purchase of a visitor pass/T-shirt gift package, or purchase of a wish list item.  We are a registered 501c3 and donations are tax deductible.
Those who donate $250, $500, or $1000 become Friends, Patrons, or Benefactors accordingly. These designations are active for 1 year but, of course, will be remembered and appreciated for years and years to come. Those with these levels of support are considered Honorary Members if this status is requested by the donor. Honorary Members do not pay visitor fees or other fees required of non-members. They also are not required to participate in the running of the museum, and do not vote during board election or other voting matters. Choosing to be an Honorary Member may negate the tax deductibility of the donation because a service is returned for the donation.

Benefactors - $1000

Current & Former: 

BillKarpJazz.com, Dr. Steve Parker


Patrons - $500

Current & Former: Mrs. Geraldine Mirshak, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Mirshak, Mr. & Mrs. William H. Barrett Jr., Taxslayer.com, Casella Eye Center

Friends - $250

Current & Former: Moms Club of Augusta, Scott Bates and Kathy Ellis, Amanda Behr, Kathleen McKie, Cay and Jud Hickey, Nick & Jeana Bush, Mary Winner, George Fry Jr., BG (Ret.) and Mrs. Don Parker, Ms. Eugenia R. Thompson, Steve & Maggie Parker, Martha Robertson, Danielle Fincher


Chris O’Meara, Katherine Rudder, Brooke D’Souza, Charlotte Kitchen, Niki Young, Matthew Davis, Bill & Sally Davis, Deborah Tritt, Jim Crimmins, Julia Di Giorgio, Maura Dial, Mary Filipus-Luyckx, Lydia Giusto, Angela Clifford, Tina Payne, Leanne Johnson, Michelle Johnson, Meg Mirshak, Jennifer Baer, William Fair, Steve and Sandy Hobbs, Amanda Bennett, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Casella, Nelson Danish, Dr. and Mrs. Ray Johnson, Jackie & Michael Cohen, Zac Sheldon, Carson Thompson, Paul Scott, Ann Mirshak, Jean Gambill Reiss, Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. Rogers, Priscilla Hollingsworth, Ranie Neislar, Brian and Therese Rhodes, Justin and Anna Burns, Clay & Priscilla Bence, Jessica Stephens, Christian Conti, Sea Stachura, Moms Club of Augusta, Jeryl Thompson, Walgreens, Jim Thompson, Brad Gilmore, Mollie & Lyn, Scott Bates and Kathy Ellis, Kelly Thompson and more.