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Sensorimotor Area

sensorimotor area.jpg

Constructed with little ones in mind, sensorimotor station allows babies, aged  0-2 years old, to learn about their world through feeling, climbing, seeing and hearing.

Caregivers & Babies can:

  • Practice tummy time and climbing with soft blocks and a balance bar to encourage gross motor control.

  • Point out colors and shapes to help baby begin to categorize objects or move them from one container to another.

  • A sensory board provides fun items that move, sound, look and feel differently.

  • Practice facial expressions and introduce emotions with the baby safe mirror.

Educational Opportunities:

  • Sensorimotor Development

  • Early Literacy Skills​

  • Colors

  • Sensory Exploration

  • Fine/Gross Motor Skills

For more information on how the educational opportunities benefit your child, please see the referenced links below:


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