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STEM: The Building Blocks of Success


The Department of Education states that a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) is vital to our future -- the future of our country, our region and our children. For young children, we can focus on STEM through exploration and building curiosity about the world and the way things work. STEM learning is important for everyone and can happen almost anywhere. The real-life skills that children develop when learning STEM help make everyone better problem-solvers and learners. With the emphasis of STEM in our education system, Imagination Station strives promote these concepts to our youngest members and visitors by offering a safe and comfortable place to explore the STEM concepts.

Educational Opportunities:

  • Early Science Principles​

    • Magnets

    • Friction

    • Motion

    • Gravity

    • Force

  • Simple Engineering​

  • Problem Solving

  • Basic Math Principles

    • Angles​

    • Geometry

    • Counting

    • Shapes

    • Patterns

  • Sensory Play​

  • Fine Motor Skills Development

  • Literacy Skills

This exhibit was funded by Savannah River Nuclear Solutions.









For more information on how the educational opportunities benefit your child, please see the referenced links below:


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