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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help?

You can make a donation, purchase one of our branded items at the museum, be a sponsor for another family, or become a member.


How can I sponsor another family?

By making a $40.00 membership donation, you can support a family in need. Parents who received a sponsored membership have all the rights and responsibilities (including staffing time) of any other member.


Why is the museum only catering to children 6 and under?

At this early stage of development we are beginning simply.  We decided to begin with the age group that has the greatest need in our community: from infants to kindergartners. While the exhibits will focus on younger children there is no reason that programming can’t be created for older children.  With further donations and members we hope to be able to expand to a larger location and add activities for older children too.


How much is a membership and what exactly does it mean to be a member?

Becoming a member means that you pay an annual $40.00 fee and that you agree to staff the museum approximately one 2-3 hour shift per month. Alternatively for an $80 fee, you will work just one shift every other month.  Members are afforded free access to the museum, activities and programs; special fees may apply to certain crafts activities.  Members may also rent the Imagination Space for parties. Members elect the board of directors and can also run for the board.


What If I would like to be a member but have limited time to help staff?

There are two tiers of membership. Tier 1 ($40.00 annually) is for those who are willing and able to participate more in staffing the museum a minimum of two half shifts per month. Tier 2 ($80 annually) is for those who have less time to participate in the staffing of the museum. Tier 2 members will work a minimum of two half shifts every other month.


Can I visit just occasionally (i.e., with grandkids, visitors, friends) without becoming a member?

Sure! There is a very reasonable Daily Visitor rate for children.


What is your connection with the city government? 

We have no official relationship with the city government. However Augusta Recreation, Parks and Facilities has been very welcoming and supportive as we have been planning over the last year.  They have graciously allowed us to rent the community building in Hickman Park for $1/year, an expression of great support for children in our community.


The community building seems very small compared to other children’s museums.

We hope that in time, with growth in membership to relocate to a larger venue where we can expand the exhibits and age of children we cater to. However, our intention is to remain an organization run by local families for local families.

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