Art Room

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The Art Room is the place to let your budding artists explore a wide variety of art tools and media. Paints, stickers, chalk and more provide plenty of hands on activities that will allow your child to create their very own masterpieces. Our Duplo LEGO wall provides a different approach to design and building that will get your child’s imagination working overtime. With a growing supply of adaptive tools, there is something for everyone. Snap a picture and share your artwork online so that we can display your child’s most creative projects online. #imagineaugusta 

Educational Opportunities:

  • Early Literacy Skills​

  • Colors

  • Sensory Exploration

  • Patterns

  • Simple engineering

  • Problem Solving

  • Creative Process Exploration

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Spatial Reasoning Skills

For 2021, Walmart has sponsored the Art Room. We thank them for their sponsorship and support. 







For more information on how the educational opportunities benefit your child, please see the referenced links below: